Bill O’Reilly Needs a Hug

Bill O’Reilly’s recent statement in support of a public insurance option as a part of health care reform, followed as quickly as it was by him decrying being taken out of context and saying “the internet is a safe haven for liars,” reminds me of nothing so much as a baseball player who charges the mound, but does it just slowly enough to make sure his teammates catch up to him before he has to throw a punch. It’s a “Hold me back! Hold me back!” moment.

It’s got to be a bit tough being the Big Giant Head right now. With Glenn Beck’s crazy rise, Bill’s isn’t the cool table in the Fox News cafeteria anymore. When Media Matters does its daily round up of right wing half-truths, O’Reilly can barely even get ink anymore. He’s learning first hand that it’s better to be made fun of than to be ignored.

Why else would he ask that press be barred from his acceptance of a Media Courage Award over the weekend?

It’s a cry for help.

Bill O’Reilly Needs a Hug