7 Secrets of Web 2.0

1. Every time you click the “thumbs up” icon on someone’s Facebook post, Roger Ebert is paid 3.5 cents.

2. The creators of Twitter are obsessive James Ellroy fans, and started the service out of a desire to see more people write with the same brevity and idiosyncratic approach to grammar as their idol.

3. 43 percent of all blog posts about marketing are made of pieces from surplus Seth Godin posts.

4. 16 percent of all photos on flickr are self-portraits. 67 percent of those are ill-advised.

5. Even in face-to-face conversation, Guy Kawasaki never utters more than 140 characters before waiting for a reply. If the person he’s talking to does not quickly respond, Mr. Kawasaki switches topics, leading to some awkward cocktail party moments.

6. The term “Web 2.0” was started as a code O’Reilly Media employees could use when, during meetings with clients, they really needed to use the bathroom.

7. You do not want to know the origin of the term “The Long Tail.” (Shudder.)

7 Secrets of Web 2.0

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